Concept of establishment Oku -Asakusa Tourism Association

In Taito-ku, which is a city where people can really meet the real thing, and places great importance on culture and tradition, the Oku Asakusa area has a long-lasting tradition and culture since Edo period, and Edo culture and culture not only in Japan but also worldwide We hope that we can play a part in attracting customers to Taito Ward and revitalizing the area by establishing an awareness of them.
Toward the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, and as a legacy of Taito-ku after 2020, to establish the tradition and culture of Okusakusa area as a regional promotion item, and to plan the regional activation and tourism promotion of Okusakusa area , Oku Asakusa Sightseeing Town Development Association, a former general incorporated association, was registered and established as a general incorporated association Oku Asakusa Tourism Association on February 23, 2016.
We will promote the promotion of this area with everyone related to the community, commerce, industry, etc. and the area centering on the shopping district, with the target area as the Asakusa-northern area.
In addition to establishing the “Oku Asakusa” brand, we will enhance the ease of migration to the Oku Asakusa and northern areas, and will lead the practice making use of the regional resources and practice, and contribute to the regional revitalization.

2018. December
General Incorporated Association Oku -Asakusa Tourism Association
Representative director : Koyu Igeta

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